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Top 10 UK Money Blogs: An Alternative View

Here in the UK, we have some great money blogs. They share financial tips and tricks to help us manage our cash better, deal with unexpected costs, and for those who are fortunate enough to have a little put aside, get the more from savings.

The explosion of quality personal finance websites has undoubtedly been fueled by the relentless austerity measures the country has faced during recent times — it seems that not a day goes by without an item of news telling us about job cuts, slashed budgets, wage freezes and benefits caps.

In celebration of our nation’s financial bloggers, we’re publishing a list of the top UK personal finance blogs. I’m not talking about the MoneySavingExperts of this world with 100’s of journalistic staff and a marketing budget of millions behind them; nor have I taken any notice of a site’s ranking stats. I’m talking about the unsung heroes – passionate bedroom bloggers who give up their spare time to share knowledge and experience with us so that we’re better equipped to cope in a tough financial world.

We’ve come up with our own Mailround formula to rank the top 10 money blogs — a combination of measurable metrics and our own personal views as a reader and subscriber. Just as important, each blog must also manage to be both and educational and entertaining. We’ll be reading, learning and updating the list on a regular basis to bring you the rising stars as we find them.

Top 10 money blogs

Here’s our top 10 UK money blogs, updated Jun 17:

Down and out: – sold out and fueled by cheap guest posts. – gone down the drain!

On the cusp of glory

#10 NEW Money Nuggets

#9 (4)

#8 (7)

#7 (5) Instant Lolly World

#6 (1)

Great reads

#5 (6) A Thrifty Mrs

#4 (10) Simple Life In Suffolk

#3 (3) Monevator

#2 (2) The Savvy Scot

#1 NEW Can’t Swing a Cat