Crazy Cat

The Craziest Payday Names

Unusually, I found myself with some time to spare time this week. In typical bloke fashion, I decided to fritter the time away streaming daft videos of funny animals and people engaged in dangerous tomfoolery – silly stunts! On my journey, I happened upon a payday loan website which had such a stupid name – it could only have been picked by Mr Stupid, from Stupidville after being pummeled with a stupid-stick – but it made me curious to see what else I could find lurking in Google’s rankings. Ok, I admit it – I was bored – but it seemed kind of fun at the time, and I’d grown tired of watching spotty oiks falling zit-first off a skateboard.

I chose a random payday related keyword and decided to check out the top 100 sites for each – bear in mind these are the sites that Google considers ‘quality content’.

This phrase contained so many corkers, It made it extremely difficult to narrow it down, but I eventually did – here are my top 5.


Hats off to this guy for trying and failing to spell ‘loans’ correctly.


The use of english here is fantastic – not “loans for unemployed people”, but “loans for the unemployed people”


This creative numpty jumps on the Phones 4 U bandwagon.


This dilbert does a super job at keyword stuffing.


My #1 – it wasn’t just the fact that this guy had the longest domain name with an eyewatering 48 characters – he also managed to sneak in 2 misspelling too!