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The Craziest Payday Names: Part II

Hot on the heels of my original post The Craziest Payday Names, is this next instalment – creatively titled “The Craziest Payday Names II”. If truth be told, I could easily have been posting “The Craziest Payday Names 20” by now, such is the raft of exceptionally stupid names propping Google’s search listings. Thankfully, it was jobs that needed doing around around the house which stopped it happening.

However, I did find time to check out this crazy lot.


What do you do when the domain name you want has gone? – add an extra letter at the end of course – no-one will ever notice – will they?


Not to be outdone by #5.


Ah yes, – the first name that springs to mind when I think of no credit check loans.


Just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it.


Well, one thing’s for certain – no-one can deny that this one does exactly what it says on the tin.