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Top 10 UK Money Blogs: Our Take

Here in the UK, we have some great personal finance blogs, offering the best tips and tricks to manage our cash better, and for those who are fortunate enough to have a little put aside, advice on how to get that little bit extra from your savings.

The explosion of quality personal finance sites has no doubt been fuelled by the relentless austerity measures we’ve all faced during recent times – it seems that not a day goes by without an item of news telling us about job cuts, slashed budgets, wage freezes and benefits caps.

In celebration of our intrepid financial bloggers, I’m publishing a list of what I consider to be the top UK personal finance blogs. I’m not talking about the MoneySavingExperts of this world with 100+ journalistic staff and a marketing budget of millions behind them; nor have I taken any notice of a site’s Alexa or Google PR rank. I’m talking about the untold saviours – passionate individuals, groups and small companies who spend their valuable time, knowledge and experiences with us so that we’re better armed and informed to cope in a tough financial world.

We’ve devised our own mailround formula to rank our prospects – made up of some metrics, such as post frequency, and some real world elements, such as ‘do we like it?’, and if so, how much? We’ll be tweaking this as we go on, and will no doubt extend the list in the near future as their are many more quality sites worthy of a mention.

For now, here’s our first list top 10 list:

On the cusp of glory

#10 – Simple Life In Suffolk

#9 – Five Pence Piece

#8 – The Money Bulldog

#7 – Eco Thrifty Living

#6 – A Thrifty Mrs

Great reads

#5 – Instant Lolly World

#4 – The Money Principle

#3 – Monevator

#2 – The Savvy Scot

Our #1

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